A “Data Principle” for Digital Transformation

Whether you are a highly technical computer modeler, project manager, leader, or admin, you can be battered by corporate software and by the communication pattern author Cal Newport calls “hyperactive hive mind” in his brilliant book A World Without Email. This best-selling business author and…

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Moving from CA to CBA: A Worthwhile Migration

For leaders of and participants in digital transformation, the acronym “CBA,” or Current Best Approach is a perfect term. Ironically, that is because it does not connote perfection.  Do you have personal CBAs for digital topics?  More importantly, does your organization?  Are they written down and…

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Blog Beginnings

Welcome to the voice of Data Delve. This is a venture I started a year ago as I transitioned from a 30+ year career as an R&D technologist at P&G. It was a highly intentional plan built on a passion for helping people and teams work efficiently with their data --helping them extract…

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