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Uncovering Data Insights

Uncover data and systems insights to help grow business and implement change.

Troubleshooting and Problem Definition

Lead analysis of business challenges and insights to inform data-rooted solutions.

Digital Transformation and Education

Teaching and mentoring on business and personal digital adoption; small and large group training.

Meet the Founder

J.D. brings more than 30 years of data-driven experience to Data Delve, with expertise in R&D, business, analytics, engineering, predictive modeling, and the coding tools needed to wrangle data and create insights. He built this broad base at Procter & Gamble as a senior R&D technologist. He and his teams developed and launched products in diverse brands – from diapers and wipes, to food and beauty care products. This extensive experience involves partnering with third parties ranging from individual inventors to multinationals. An expert at breaking down a problem to all of its individual parts, he usually figures out how to put it back together in a more beautiful way than he found it.
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Featured Case Studies

Case Study 1

Transforming Cloud Data Into Usable Models and Visualizations

The manufacturer of an internet-connected consumer device asked to set up a pipeline to get insights from Amazon cloud data on individual devices. We set this up and developed Python scripts to create consumption measures and...

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Case Study 2

Uncovering Sales Patterns Through Data Visualization

A medical supply company asked for help uncovering sales patterns in their customer relationship (CRM) data across sales channels, customers, and a 1000+ item product catalog. We developed scripts and manufacturing-inspired visualizations to...

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Case Study 3

Creating a Flexible Software Architecture for a Growing Business Segment

A company’s computer modeling and simulation R&D group asked for help with redesigning the user interface, data structure, and code base for an important application that is the user-facing front end for a virtual simulator used for both understanding current products and developing new formulations. We used their existing...

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