Blog Beginnings

Welcome to the voice of Data Delve. This is a venture I started a year ago as I transitioned from a 30+ year career as an R&D technologist at P&G. It was a highly intentional plan built on a passion for helping people and teams work efficiently with their data –helping them extract insights for decision making and business growth.  It stands on the (unusual for a data geek) foundation of decades of R&D experience creating and launching products in the Consumer Goods space. Data Delve’s approach is therefore sharpened by the experience of literally thousands of “problem definitions” and models built to get answers to problems standing in the way of launching new products, on filing patents and on explaining complex topics in a way that owners can understand and act on.  It leverages decades of experience working as an entrepreneur with suppliers, consumers and trade customers.  Finally, we have a legacy of teaching and tool-building across businesses in all stages of formation and launch.

After a year of serving clients large and small, this website puts a public face on what we bring as a trainer, advisor and problem-solver. The three “products” listed on the home page are the heart of what we do.  We are here to help you grow your business by gaining insights from your data, transforming digitally, and leading data-grounded troubleshooting of your crises and problems.

This blog will focus on business applications of data and on how data and digital transformation create culture in small and large companies.  The second, Tech Talk blog lets us indulge our passion for creating and using great code and technical solutions for working with data and building models. Tech Talk plants our flag as a citizen in the open-source software world. As such, it indulges our passion for helping and being helped by those globally who write the code, build the models and create the in-the-weeds solutions –whether they are at companies, nonprofits, government agencies or on university research teams.  We recognize open-source data science as revolutionary for businesses of all sizes, and we are committed to this being a key strategy and a key community we play in.

So, how can we help?  Feel free to reach out through the site’s contact buttons or through Twitter to hit us with a message or to “subscribe” to future posts.

J.D. Landgrebe