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Good, Better, Best For Python Projects

I blogged about my observation that Python-coded models and analyses can be grouped into three robustness levels by architecture and macroscopic coding arrangement. Here is a more detailed discussion of the three levels taught also at this training link to a Practical Python for Modelers short…

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When The Data Get Big(ger) Part2

It is crucial to move beyond using *.CSV files when the scope of a project goes beyond 1MM rows of data. This is an add-on to my initial post about using Pyarrow Feather in Python for efficient data storage.  The first post makes a good case for this, but it leaves out some nitty gritty details…

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When the Data Get Big(ger)

This blog describes how we manage life when the data get too big for Excel-compatible formats such as CSV. Practically, when working with exploratory data analysis, there is no rush to jump to fancy data formats on the client-facing side of things.  Even when people hire a consultant to help with…

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