What Data Delve LLC Does for Clients

My Data Delve LLC business comes down to a simple benefit for people I work with. Namely, I help you and your team be more effective at getting insights from your data to grow your business.

Here are six strategies I use for this. It is a toolbox from which we mutually pick the right tools.

  1. I help you define what you really want. This is sometimes called “problem definition” but it needs to also include “deliverables definition” to be productive. It is catalyzed by discussing and listening to what you innately know would help your business development, technology development or personal and team efficiency.
  2. I make your existing data work more efficient. Smart people have ways of getting work done, and there are no successful businesses that don’t, but we have tools and methods for removing the friction and migrating to better places. This can start with advice on and help with “spreadsheet straightening” or involve more complex help with migrating you to efficient “pipelines” to bring together data from multiple sources.
  3. I build “flight simulators” to let you try out different approaches for growth. These can consist of business simulators, ways of testing technical product formulations and processes or ways of simulating consumer responses. You already have the intelligence, and wisdom to master complex situations. Having low-cost ways to simulate and explore new things can be game changing. The “exploring” may consist of us building tools you can run yourself or you telling us what to try and reporting back to you from coded tools where we are a guide to bridge between your ideas and the potential solutions.
  4. I help you creatively visualize your data to bring out what it can tell you and how it can guide you. This may involve cross-connections such as reapplying techniques for visualizing complex manufacturing data to shed light on your in-market results with your business or with in-market products.
  5. I can educate you and your team on best approaches for working with data and the coded solutions for that. We have a suite of online and in-person trainings on software tools from basic to advanced. We are connected to and participants in world class training venues at companies, technical conferences, universities, and online schools. We know how to personalize the training message to you and your company large or small.
  6. I modularize data and modeling solutions to marry your confidential work with non-confidential open-source software. This avoids needing to start from scratch, and it makes us light on our feet and cost-efficient at getting answers for you. I am active in posting open-source building blocks I create in the Excel/VBA macro and Python language spaces, but we also use free, open-source code packages that are reliable and whose usage is in the 10’s of millions. We bring these things to bear against your needs.